Making All of Your Space Matter

Sometimes organizing is about the big WOW, but it is often about the subtle changes that make a home function better on a daily basis for the people who live there.

Space Matters is a Residential Organizing and Staging company based in Westchester County, NY

Meet Andrea

Space Matters is an idea that took shape during long walks with my husband … we were discussing what I really wanted to do with my life when I was done being a Nanny and had completed my Architecture degree.  I took the best parts of being a nanny – Making a home run smoothly with the form and function of Architecture.

We work with families to sort and organize their belongings and develop systems that help them stay organized.

Andrea is amazing. She helped us organize things prior to the move IE: tossing stuff that needed to go before we moved! She coordinated with the movers, created a plan for storage and box organization and basically was a complete god send. The day of the move she was there ever minute hovering making sure everything went according to plan. She’s done this so often, she has it down to a science and is the ultimate project manager!


Bronxville, NY

I remain amazed at the smooth organization flow you brought to a previously chaotic space. It remains a distinct pleasure to know where things are and to be able to keep the structure pretty much intact on my own. I appreciate daily the sense of a larger space as apposed to the overwhelming claustrophobic feeling produced by the tottering stacks of clutter that used to predominate in the room. Thanks too for your good cheer and energy during the process .. it helped a lot.


Silver Springs, MD

Andrea will LISTEN to your needs for better home management, organization, beauty, harmony. Then she will suggest ways in which you can reduce clutter, get better organized, rearrange what you already have in a practical, functional or more aesthetic way. Finally, she will help you implement your plan. In the final Phase, you will relax and enjoy a peaceful, harmonious environment. I highly recommend her to you!


Weston, CT

We work with families in transition….families who are moving, expecting a new baby, starting kindergarten, off to college, merging household and downsizing

Andrea Bowser
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