Does your kid’s playroom always look like a tornado just hit? Here are few ways to help get the playroom under control.

1. Make clean up an integral part of playtime. It should be the natural conclusions to playtime that is still part of the fun and not treated as work, drudgery or punishment. and make sure you leave enough time in the schedule for clean up

2. Go through the room regularly and remove toys that are broken or that your kids are too old for. If the kids are 5 and up have them participate in the sorting process. If there are too many toys it makes it harder for the kids to choose what to play with and can make clean up tougher.

3. Kids 3 and up can be very helpful with clean up as long as you don’t expect perfection. You can always wait until the kids go to bed to make the space perfect if you need it to be that way.

4. If the kids have lots of toys and you are not ready to let some of them go consider rotating the toys. every month or so change the toys that the kids have access to, when stuff comes back out of storage it often seems like a new toy to them.